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Disability Insurance

What would happen if suddenly, due to an illness or injury, you were unable to work

Imagine this: What would you do if an illness or injury unexpectedly stopped you from working? What if you own a business? How would your inability to work impact your company?

Your capacity to earn an income is likely your most valuable asset. We can help you find ways to safeguard your income and/or your business in the face of an unexpected injury or illness.

Disability Insurance for Individuals

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Short Term Disability

Short-term disability insurance covers lost income for about three months. It is often used toward maternity leave coverage and temporary disabilities.

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Long Term Disability

Long-term disability insurance typically pays a portion of your lost income for anywhere from more than 3 months up to the remainder of your life.

Disability Insurance for Business Owners

Business Overhead Expense Insurance

Business overhead expense insurance provides funds to reimburse business owners for fixed overhead expenses, such as employee salaries, rent, leases, and utilities. Business overhead expense insurance premiums are generally tax deductible as a business expense and policies can be customized to the specific needs of the company.

Disability Buy-Sell Insurance

Your company may have life insurance to help protect the organization against adverse financial consequences that may result from a partner’s death. However, you shouldn’t overlook, and fail to plan for, a partner’s disability. A disability could make continued ownership of a partnership in a business all but impossible.

Disability Buy-Sell insurance is designed for small business owners to provide funds for the purchase of the insured’s share of ownership in the business in the event he or she is totally disabled. Policies are primarily designed for small partnerships and professional corporations. The owner may be the business, a trust, or each owner may own a policy on the other owners. The existence of a formal Buy-Sell agreement is required.

The concept of disability as it relates to a partner’s active participation in a business is often far more difficult to define and describe than most other buy-sell triggering events. For purposes of the Buy-Sell agreement, a disability Buy-Sell policy can provide, not only the funding for a partner buy-out, but the definition of total disability. This allows the insurance carrier, acting as an objective third party, to determine if a disability has occurred.

Disability insurance policies have exclusions and limitations.


Disability Insurance Needs Calculator

How much would you need?

How much would you need?

From our friends at, this simple tool estimates the income you would need to maintain your current standard of living should you become disabled and unable to work.